Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enviro Concept

So ive been playin a little too much RIFT, and i felt like paintin an environment. Here it is, crits welcome. Thanks to Tyler for the feedback (it really helped)! Hope you enjoy.


  1. That bridge is pure masochism. Very Dan of you.

  2. Your environment is a great design - but i feel it lacks a clear focal point. There are just so many cool things to look at. :)

    I think the waterfall in the front is way too light. It looks like there is light on it when it's in the shadow area. It looks like it is apart of the light group even though it should be in the dark group.

    Also, I don't think the light exposure is believable. If this place were real, and I were to take a picture of it - the camera would either expose for the sun's light source or the artificial light source inside the mouth. Either the sky should be a lot darker, and the mouth is lit up, or you stick with the sky's light source and the mouth is a lot darker. Having both be lit up would be suggesting that the artificial light source is the same intensity as the sun - which is impossible.

    Just some thoughts. See ya man. :)