Friday, January 14, 2011


This Chick Lures men in with the promise of sex, ties them up, and extracts their hearts. She collects the hearts and stores them in jars under her bed as trophies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

So the Gnomon Website does a 2D competition every month, and December's theme was Beauty and the Beast which sounded fun so i entered. I finished the one of them fighting, and im pleased to say it got second place! The second one i didnt finish by the deadline, but i thought id post it here. I also included a breakdown of my current process for anyone who's interested.

Cleansing of the Lost Halls

This was an idea i had about a Dwarven strike team that would go and reclaim the mines of moria, (now that gandalf had killed the Balrog). the team consists of a Runelord, Ironbreaker, Ranger, Berserker, Hammerer, and a Paladin who leads them.

Monday, January 10, 2011


These were some designs for a potential bad guy for a project my buddy was doing.


I have really been getting into black and white Illustrations.


Here's a Page outta my sketchbook that i liked. (im a terrible photographer, sorry.)


I wanted to do a metal study, but you cant have reflections without an environment so i painted one of those too.

Gladiator Studies

These are Studies from the awesome film, Gladiator. Each one was between 10 and 20 min. I learned alot, and i plan on doing many more!

Snow Enviro

This was a quick enviro practice i did in April of 2010.

Orc Redesign

So i wanted to do my own Orc ( cause there's not enough interpretations of them on the webbernets already!) here he is. I also designed a mount for him too, maybe that'll show up on here down the road! Obviously hes not finished, but that is the bottom jaw of some giant creature he's wearing on his back!

Survivors WIP

Well you cant have a Zombie Outbreak without some Survivors. This was done in Feb/Mar of 2010. I had some story for these two but it was so long ago that i dont remember now, i guess you could make up ur own.


Here are some Renders of the Uber Zombie, one i did back in Feb of 2010, and one in Nov of 2010.