Monday, February 1, 2010

uber-zombie dude

This was a really fun one to do! i read this book "The Zombie Survival Guide" (great read by the way!) and it inspired me to do these uber-zombies! I was thinking that they would have been the first people infected by the zombie virus, but not by being bitten, they were exposed to the virus in its liquid concentrate form! So the virus being more potent, made them more adept at hunting humans! Their vertebrae can disconnect to allow for farther bite distances and their arms are longer to facilitate farther reach and better grabbing. Also their bone structure has mutated slightly for better protection against attacks.

I unno

This dude stabs people with his own bones! crazy! And he has a giant brazier that he walks around with and hits people with that too! dunno what i was doing when i did this guy, i just started with a black silhouette and went wherever the painting took me. Good fun.


These are really old! I was gonna do this whole Merman illustration and stuff but i bailed on that. so here is what i did do!


This was an activity with some guys at work. It was good learning, i started understanding faster techniques on this guy, and i tried to stay loose until the end, ( i usually start rendering way before i should!)

Some Portraits

I Figured i sucked at faces, and its always good to do studies so here are some. One of the fat guys i did from my head without ref to see how close i could get to an obese person's chracteristics and the other i studied from a photo, can you guess which one is which?