Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life drawing01

I attend a Life drawing group every saturday and my goal is to get one piece per week that is "good enough" to put up here, this is the one for this week I think it was around 7-10 minutes. More on their way! The neck feels really Long. Any Comments or critiques are encouraged! (I love to learn!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caricature Practice

This was a caricature practice inspired by a buddy named Anthony Jones (AJ) who has a bunch of nice caricatures on his blog (www.robotpencildesign.blogspot.com) I highly recomend checking it out! I feel as though some of the movement and rhythm was lost between the linework and the final render, this is something that I will have to be aware of next time. This piece took about an hour and a half. I want to keep track of how long it takes me because I want to get faster as well as BETTER! Critiques are most encouraged. Thnx.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Turd 01

So i'm working on a turtle monster as a personal project and here is one of the early designs. There will be more coming soon, trust me! I want to eventually model this monster in 3D, but i'm more concerned with the design journey than with the final result.
This was an exercise using the woodcut technique that my coworker Tyler uses (hes an amazing artist btw! www.artofty.com) The woodcut technique is an awesome way to start a piece because it is quick and it focuses on readability (i think).


I was practicing painting faces, this one was probably the best out of the group and it has all kinds of issues! I need to stop worrying about anatomy setup and start with a readable caricature, then layer in any anatomy knowledge. (I think!)

Quick Sketch

just a quick sketch


This was a quick lighting test, i just doodled a head and tried lighting it from different directions, i guess the next step would be to practice lighting it with multiple lights on each head.

The awkward first post.

So here goes nothin. i wanted to start a blog to help keep me motivated and also to somewhat track my improvement. Just some info on me: I am a 3D trained artist working at InXile Entertainment as an Environment Artist, here's my website link if you want to look: www.danielmcgowanart.com.
What I am trying to do now is bring my 2D abilities up to par with my 3D abilities. hope everyone enjoys watching me learn, and hopefully i dont get worse!