Friday, May 15, 2009

Look how much I Suck

I was doing another turtle concept at Concept club and my buddie AJ totally kicked my ass about design and making better decisions early on in the piece. He walked over and was like "Here dude, check this out." And ten minutes later my mind hole was blown off! The one on the left is mine before he pimped all over it, and the one on the right is his. I truly appreciate it AJ, if you're reading this, you really opened my eyes. This helped me a lot and its gonna suck if you go to scotland.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hey there, here is my new piece for the week. Talk about issues, could my lack of color knowledge be any more evident!? But its ok because i learned a bunch! The image below my painting is my inspiration/ref. I just found this man interesting and wanted to do a caricature. Anyway, thanks for viewing, and critiques are always awesome.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Interesting Face 01

This is the first in a bunch of portraits that im going to do to help me get better at faces. I want to find interesting faces and do a painting of them in a slightly different angle, if i can do this and it still looks like the original person, then i am understanding the forms (hypothetically,... i just make it up as i go!) In this one i was trying to use the fewest amount of values possible and still make it readable and descriptive. There are tons of issues with this one, but its the first and i did it on my lunch hour so its okay. As always crits are most appreciated.